discover slovenia and the world by bike

Be positively bold,

always look for new challanges, push your own boundaries, enjoy it

and thus add value to your life.

-Andrej Zaman Many-

It was difficult, but despite the crises, it was worth persisting

that I can say

pure enjoyment!

-Andrej Zaman Many-

Being a wolf or a sheep is the question now.

Being a member of a herd or a loner? To tread a well-trodden path or write your own tracks?

Do you travel on lonely prairies or chew on pastures?

Is your table plentiful or do you ever wake up hungry?

Each path chosen brings its own harvest and responsibility.

Even the one hidden somewhere in between.

(author of the text Simona Cokan, author of the picture Breda Plešej, pupil of the primary school Juričevega Drejčka, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, 1990)

upcomming events

1040 km and 14000 high meters climbing, brevet and bikepacking race. Same day, same time, same route but opposite way. Start 22.6.2024

Ex Yu Balkan party



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