At Bikepacking Slovenia Sports Association (formerly BIK.SI) we gather sports enthusiasts for special types of cycling such as brevet (non-competitive) and bikepacking variant (competitive and non-competitive), for long trails, long runs and hiking, and our goal is to always we are trying to find new ” directions ”, always implementing new ideas and trying to be the driving force of Slovenian bikepacking and an active link on a global scale. We don’t want to be mediocre, unconventionality is our trademark.


We are proud to organize about 75% of all Slovenian brevettes, including some of the most striking and longest ones, such as the 1000.si (1000 km, June), Prague (1200 km, July), Ex Yu Balkan Pary super brevet (2500 km, and Goričko – Bratislava – Goričko (400 km, August).

We are proud of our members attending the most striking brevet in Europe.

We are also proud of our members’ participation in bikepacking races around the world from 2015 onwards.

We are proud to organize the first bikepacking race in Slovenia – 1000.si, that we have many more ideas for the coming years and we are proud to offer every cyclist to ride 1000 km in stages with our help (1000 km for everyone).