Ladies and gentlemen, just for you!

1100 km of pure enjoyment that requires endurance, ingenuity, willpower and perseverance. All this in our beautiful Slovenia. The goal will make you feel what it means to be a true bikepacker.

Where and when?

4.9.2021 at 00:01, Mladinski dom Hodoš (Hodoš).

Where and in what time?

24 hours for a distance from Hodoš to Žuniči.

A specialty?

Two mandatory points and one mandatory section between Hodoš and Žuniči, prepare the rest of the route yourself.


Only with foot-operated or manual-wheeled wheels, all versions with electricity are prohibited.

Why miles?

Because this is an unusual distance unit of measurement for us.

Why 200 miles?

Because 200 miles equals our 322km, which is the distance anyone can travel in 24 hours.


Why to become bikepacker?

  • you are cycling alone,
  • you are responsible for everything yourself,
  • you don’t have a team around you,
  • upon reaching your destination, you can only appreciate your achievement.

Do you want to became a true bikepacker?

If your answer is yes, then you are the right one for a cycling trip between Hodoš and Žuniči.