We are not planning the Slovene bikepacking challenge in 2023.

In the case of a different decision or implementation, this will be published on time.

Slovene bikepacking challenge



We are pleased to announce a completely new project that has not yet been processed in the Slovenian bikepacking area. In the Bikepacking Slovenia Sports Association, we have decided to offer you a challenge like no other in Slovenia.

Slovene bikepacking challenge means cycling in one calendar year:

  • (Ajdovščina, 24.6.2021; 1000 km, max 80 hours; route known) and
  • 200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia (Markovci, Šalovci, 4.9.2021; 320 km, max 24 hours; the location of the start, finish and intermediate mandatory sections is known, you prepare the rest of the route yourself).

You can overcome both distances as individuals or in pairs, but only both solo races apply to the Slovene bikepacking challenge.

Bikepacking gives you freedom when no one is pushing you. Only yourself. You ride and enjoy. There is no accompanying team here that watches over you all the time. You’re alone. You take care of food, drink, rest yourself. You are alone for everything. Also to repair the bike if necessary, or to fix health problems. Or to escape from attacking animals.

Bikepacking can be thought of as a race or as an adventure. It does not matter. However, we want you to understand bikepacking as an experience and overcoming yourself. Above all, that you enjoy it. But never forget:

  • you are responsible for your own riding,
  • ride alone, no drafting,
  • no support team,
  • no one may help you,
  • you can take care of yourself where everyone else
  • respect the rules and honesty,
  • you are a bikepacking ambassador.

The Slovene bikepacking challenge is not easy and it is not for everyone. However, it is a real challenge and a magnet for all ultracyclists who like bikepacking and want to achieve it. For those ultras who already are and those who would like to become one. This is a challenge that is, of course, for anyone who wants to overcome their own limits to infinity. We want to strengthen the awareness of bikepacking, when after the miles you can really appreciate your achievement.

It is not necessary to apply separately for participation in this challenge, participants will be deduced from the results after the 1000 km race.

Both races must be completed within a time limit that includes any time surcharges due to penalties.

Everyone who achieves this challenge will receive the title of ”Slovene bikepacker 2021”, including a practical prize (don’t expect cash prizes!). The winners of this flattering title will be published on the website of Bikepacking Slovenia Sports Association ( and on FB, but only with the name and surname, without results.

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