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The organizers strive to establish high ethical and moral standards. Therefore, we will ask you some questions when you register. You will have 7 days to respond. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, which relates to general questions about knowledge of ethical and moral standards of bikepacking and attitudes towards competitors, the organizer and volunteers, the organizer will review the answers and confirm or reject your application. The decision at this stage will be final. The final confirmation of the application will be with the payment of the entry fee. The date you submitted your application will be taken into account.

We suggest that you take the time to answer the questions and check the website, as you will find a lot of useful information there, and acquaintance with the competition manual and rules is mandatory. at check-in. You may also get a hint for answers in the FAQ section.


Your application will be validated upon receipt of payment, so:

  • 80 € to 30.4.,
  • 95 € to 30.6.,
  • 115 € to 20.8.,
  • End of applications 20.8.2021,
  • payment of the entry fee to the organizer’s TRR, you will receive the invoice by e-mail,
  • no entry fee can be refunded,
  • in case of cancellation (until 20.8.2021), at the express request of the participant, half of the amount paid may be carried over to the following year.

You can make the payment by following the instructions on the website:

Anyone who registers and pays for at the same time should contact the organizer at, a 10% discount will be taken into account.

You have to pay on

Bank account: IBAN SI56 0475 1000 1548 122


Tax No .: 41498003

purpose: ”200 miles-name and surname”

If you pay for multiple participants at the same time, please report their names to