1. There are no comments on the rules. Whoever disagrees with them cannot enter the race.
  2. ”” is bikepacking race.
  3. Riders must complete the full course from start to finish.
  4. Riders must be fully self-supported and not receive any private outside assistance.
  5. The principle of equal opportunities means that you can only take care of yourself where everyone else is. The same goes for rest, cycling services,…
  6. Drafting is prohibited. Exception registered pairs.
  7. Riding in pairs means that both riders ride together at all times and should not be more than 100 m from each other. If one of them resigns, the other can continue riding, finish the race as finisher, but cannot be placed in the solo category.
  8. The relay race follows the same rules as for solo competitors. When changing at a specific place, the incoming competitor hands over the GPS tracker to the starting competitor.
  9. All forward travel must be by bicycle or by walking.
  10. Electric bikes are prohibited.
  11. All riders are required to carry GPS tracker.
  12. The route is known at all times and is published in the Race Manual. Shortening or disregarding the route can only be in case of force majeure, when the health or life of the participant is endangered. In such a case, it is mandatory to notify the organizer immediately.
  13. It is expected of all riders to know, respect and observe local laws.
  14. Riders must act in the spirit of adventure, speed and above all fun.
  15. If you do not have a proper front and rear light and a reflective vest, then driving in the dark and poor visibility will not be allowed.
  16. All bikes and mandatory equipment have to pass a check up before the start.
  17. The use of a helmet is mandatory all the time throughout the ride.
  18. Any violation of the rules will be punished. The amount of the penalty will be in time increment and will be imposed upon arrival at the destination. Some violations will be sanctioned by disqualification and some by life-long disqualification.
  19. No insurance, no ride.
  20. Zero tolerance of doping, fraud and non-compliance with basic bikepacking principles and to disregard for high ethical and moral standards.
  21. No prize money.

Penalties and Disqualification

Since the length of the route makes it impossible to constantly check compliance with the regulations at all times, it is clear that the correct conduct of the Event is based on the principle of honesty and self-discipline of the individual participants.

During the entire duration of the Event, the vehicles of the O.C. will be present on the route, day and night, who will verify the behavior of the participants by sanctioning any infringement committed to art. of these Regulations with penalty or disqualification.

The penalty can be issued following:

  • Unauthorized Draft;
  • Front and/or rear light missing during night time or in poor visibility conditions;
  • Failure to use reflective vest during night time or in poor visibility conditions;
  • Participant number not visible;
  • Failure to respect local rules (Traffic Regulation);
  • Navigation mistake with its short section out of route.

1st penalty: 30 minutes increase in the time count


Violations of the rules below will result in immediate disqualification:

  • Prohibited assistance;
  • Absence of the mandatory safety kit;
  • Refusal to technical inspection;
  • Refusal to obey the Organizer’s instructions;
  • Missed check point;
  • Consumption of alcohol by the cyclist;
  • Possession and/or using of doping substances;
  • Refusal to make a sleep stop when ordered by a match official;
  • Disrespect (organizer, partecipant, third part)
  • Behaviors that put the Manifestation in a bad light;
  • Avoiding helping a teammate in trouble;
  • Issuing two penalties; 
  • Disqualification can be immediate or upon detection of irregularities.

The organizer  reserves the right not to accept the registration of the disqualified athlete in subsequent editions.


  • Make yourself visible to other road users at the night with reflective stickers on your bike and illuminating elements on your clothes.
  • Make yourself visible to other road users at daytime with good visible clothes.
  • Don’t listen to music with earphones while riding.