Everything you wanted to ask, but you didn’t dare…

At this point, we will post questions and answers related to competitive bikepacking. If you also have a question, are interested in an opinion or anything else, write to us at info@bikepackingslovenija.si and help others. We will be happy for anyone who will benefit from this site.

Example 1: While riding, I run into a teammate who is in trouble. Should I help him or should I move on to achieve the best possible ranking?

Ans.: There is no dilemma here, the rules also say that help to a teammate is mandatory if he needs it. Fair play takes precedence over the final ranking. Inform the organizer immediately about such a case.

Example 2: While riding, you notice that a teammate has an escort in the car. Let me ignore this, because it doesn't concern me, I'm with myself in this competition, I'm not interested in others? Should I report it to the organizer?

Ans.: There is no dilemma here either. Already ethical and moral standards oppose all kinds of fraud and non-compliance with the rules. At bikepacking competitions, any assistance from third parties is prohibited, except, of course, in exceptional cases. The competitor who has an escort has missed the point of bikepacking and is apparently there by mistake. For the award, he will receive a lifetime disqualification for participation in events organized by ŠD Bikepacking Slovenija. In such a case, do not delay and report the violation to the organizer immediately, if possible, and record it. It is not about suing, but about announcing one of the worst possible violations.

Example 3: It's night, I'm tired, I'm cold, I'm asleep, it's raining and the road is alone up and down and still in a desperate state. The route goes right near my home or near a friend. I will stop there. Is the procedure correct? Why yes or why not?

Ans.: The procedure for stopping at home is not correct. If you want to finish the competition, you must not stop at home, as this would violate the rule of equal opportunities. The other participants cannot stop by you, nor is your home generally accessible to everyone. If you still stop at home, notify the organizer immediately. With that, you stop being in the competition schedule, but you can then continue on your own to the finish line. Please be aware that you have chosen to participate and that you have indicated your agreement to the rules upon registration.

Example 4: It's night, I'm tired, I'm cold, I'm asleep, it's raining and the road is alone up and down and still in a desperate state. Just what did the organizer think I should drive in such conditions? He is to blame for my problems, for my ill health. I will tell him some bold things at the first opportunity, and I will write only the worst about him on various forums. Is the organizer to blame for my problems? Is such thinking correct? Why yes or why not?

Ans.: Of course, such thinking is not correct. By registering for the competition, you have confirmed that you know the rules, the route, that you have read the competition manual. At the time of registration, the entire route or its key parts (eg mandatory points) were known. The organizer, of course, cannot be responsible for the weather and condition of the roads. Each participant has enough time to physically, mentally and logistically prepare for the competition and to obtain as much relevant information as possible about the roads on which the competition takes place and the possibilities of care during the competition itself.

Example 5: I have a bike failure. There is no bicycle service nearby. Can I ask a stranger who comes by to take me to the place where I will get a bike service?

Ans.: Yes, but only if he is really a stranger. However, you should not get help from family, friends,… It is otherwise almost impossible to control, so it is more a matter of ethics and moral attitude of each participant. You can also go to the service only during the opening hours. Once you fix the mistake, you, again a stranger, can take you to the place where you had the breakdown, you can go there by public transport, you can ride a bike. In any case, you must inform the organizer about all this.

Example 6: I have friends along the route. Can they come to encourage me while riding?

Ans.: You can. However, they must not offer you any help, they must not run, cycle, drive, roll,… with you. They should also not give you e.g. food, beverages, clothing,…

Example 7: A A random cyclist wants to ride with me. What does this mean for my race status?

Ans.: The rules of competitive bikepacking are complete self supported, so no one is allowed to ride with you and next to you. In such a case, explain to this person what event you are participating in and ask him to go his own way and direction, let him go forward,… If this person does not respect this, inform the organizer.