The route 2024

The 2024 route will be approximately 1,020 km long with an elevation gain of around 13,000 meters. The published route is only indicative. Due to the bad weather that hit Slovenia in August 2023, many of the roads along which the route runs are destroyed, currently being repaired, or are at risk of landslides. For the safety of the competitors, we will announce the final route before the start in spring 2024.

Start and finish:

Ajdovščina, the second largest town in the Vipava Valley, is at first glance a quiet, rural dreamy town, safely leaning against the slopes of Gora and comfortably nestled in a fertile, Mediterranean mild valley. But only at first glance. As if to take on the character of the torrential river Hubelj, along which it was formed, Ajdovščina is a surprisingly dynamic, sometimes even impulsive place, full of creative life. the history of the city dates back more than two thousand years, to the time when the Romans first erected a road outpost near Hubelj and then built a mighty military fortress called Castrum Ad Fluvium Frigidum (Fortress by the Cold River) to defend the eastern borders of the Roman Empire.


Slaščičarna Ajdovščina

Proven the best confectionery and pizzeria by far with its own production of cakes, ice cream and other bakery pastries. They make their own cookies, homemade jams and syrups. Traditionally and several times a year, an assembly of cyclists who ride in Slovenia and other countries, organized by ŠD Bikepacking Slovenija.

Intermediate point where a stop is mandatory

Mladinski dom Hodoš, Hodoš 100, 9205 Hodoš) (46.841500, 16.335030)

Hodoš (Hungarian: Hodos or Őrihodos) is a village in northeastern Goričko along the Slovenian-Hungarian border in the Municipality of Hodoš. The place is defined as an area where members of the Hungarian national community live indigenously and where, in addition to Slovene, Hungarian is also the official language.
The place developed on the left bank of Dolenski potok until its outflow into Velika Krka. The main road and railway line from Murska Sobota to the border crossing Hodoš – Bajánsenye pass through the settlement. The main economic activity in the place is agriculture; livestock surpluses are provided by livestock. The population is predominantly Hungarian. Due to the small natural increase and emigration, the place is declining.š
Youth hostel in Hodoš
Mladinski dom is a tourist specialty within which we rent accommodation capacities mainly to non-profit organizations that want to take advantage of rural tourism and discover the almost untouched nature of the border area, feel the fresh air by the forest away from the village and hear the beautiful chirping of various birds.
The premises are prepared and equipped above standard. On the ground floor there are two rooms with six and one room with eight bunk beds. There are separate toilets for boys and girls and each has two showers. The youth home also has a living room, a dining room for 48 people, an equipped kitchen and a kitchenette. In the attic there are four rooms, two with a double bed, each room has a separate shower with toilet.
As part of the Mladom + project, we acquired additional overnight accommodation capacities. Two living rooms, each with 9 + 2 beds, bathroom and toilet.
The total capacity of free beds is 28 people and 8 extra beds and 22 beds in living rooms.
Information on the use of the youth home can also be obtained at the municipal headquarters and at the number: (00386) 2 559 80 21 or (00386) 41 935 045.
You are cordially invited, and we wish you plenty of pleasure in our place, Public Institute for Tourism and Promotion of the Municipality of Hodoš, the Municipality of Hodoš and the Hungarian Self-governing National Community of the Municipality of Hodoš.