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mladinski dom hodoš - Šokčev dvor (Žuniči)

ROUTE 2021


Mladinski dom Hodoš, Hodoš 100, 9205 Hodoš - start) (46.841500, 16.335030)

Hodoš (Hungarian: Hodos or Őrihodos) is a village in northeastern Goričko along the Slovenian-Hungarian border in the Municipality of Hodoš. The place is defined as an area where members of the Hungarian national community live indigenously and where, in addition to Slovene, Hungarian is also the official language.
The place developed on the left bank of Dolenski potok until its outflow into Velika Krka. The main road and railway line from Murska Sobota to the border crossing Hodoš – Bajánsenye pass through the settlement. The main economic activity in the place is agriculture; livestock surpluses are provided by livestock. The population is predominantly Hungarian. Due to the small natural increase and emigration, the place is declining.š
Youth hostel in Hodoš
Mladinski dom is a tourist specialty within which we rent accommodation capacities mainly to non-profit organizations that want to take advantage of rural tourism and discover the almost untouched nature of the border area, feel the fresh air by the forest away from the village and hear the beautiful chirping of various birds.
The premises are prepared and equipped above standard. On the ground floor there are two rooms with six and one room with eight bunk beds. There are separate toilets for boys and girls and each has two showers. The youth home also has a living room, a dining room for 48 people, an equipped kitchen and a kitchenette. In the attic there are four rooms, two with a double bed, each room has a separate shower with toilet.
As part of the Mladom + project, we acquired additional overnight accommodation capacities. Two living rooms, each with 9 + 2 beds, bathroom and toilet.
The total capacity of free beds is 28 people and 8 extra beds and 22 beds in living rooms.
Information on the use of the youth home can also be obtained at the municipal headquarters and at the number: (02) 559 80 21 or (041) 935-045.
You are cordially invited, and we wish you plenty of pleasure in our place, Public Institute for Tourism and Promotion of the Municipality of Hodoš, the Municipality of Hodoš and the Hungarian Self-governing National Community of the Municipality of Hodoš.

First obvious point:

Bokrači, 9201 Puconci (46.73201, 16.19597) – turn east in the immediate vicinity of house number Bokrači 8a

Bokrači is a village in the municipality of Puconci. With about 70 inhabitants, they are one of the smallest villages in the municipality. Until the reorganization of local self-government in Slovenia, Bokrači was included in the municipality of Murska Sobota.

Source: Wikipedia  

Obvezni odsek

Sotinski breg (Sotina, 9262 Rogašovci) – Fikšinci (9262 Rogašovci)

Sotinski breg oz. At 418 m, Kugla is the highest peak in Prekmurje. From the top, where there is a wooden lookout tower and a bell and a cross on it, we have a beautiful view of northeastern Slovenia, part of Austria, Hungary and Croatia.


Fikšinci is a delimited border ridge settlement in the west of Goričko, 25 km away from the town of Murska Sobota. They belong to the Municipality of Rogašovci. To the west below the village is the border stream Kučnica, and on the east side below the slope is the stream Črnec.

Source: Wikipedia

Second obvious point

Lovrenc na Pohorju (2344 Lovrenc na Pohorju) – Jože Petrun Cultural Center, Gornji trg 60, 2344 Lovrenc na Pohorju (on the right in the direction of travel) (46.53696, 15.38286)

Lovrenc na Pohorju is an urbanized, mostly roadside central settlement in the northern part of Pohorje, which lies in the Ribniško-Lovrenško valley, along the Radoljna stream. At the confluence of Radoljna and the stream Slepnica is the hamlet of Kurja vas. Newer neighborhoods are Na Puši and Gaberca. Although the prospects for farming are relatively favorable, the main economic activity is industry, which has developed in the past due to the abundance of water power and timber from nearby forests. Here were sawmills, blacksmiths, a tannery, a glassworks, and an iron ore smelter that was closed in the mid-19th century. From the craft workshops, the Piece and Sickle Factory and the Marles plant with a sawmill and a prefabricated house factory emerged. Although many people around are also employed here, several locals of Lovrenc drive to work in the valley, especially to Maribor and Ruše. The area where the settlement stands belonged to the St. Paul’s Monastery from Carinthia in 1091. In 1222 the settlement received fair rights, and in 1381 it is already mentioned as a square. There are three churches in Lovrenc. The parish church of St. Lawrence dates from the 18th century, previously there was a Romanesque building from the middle of the 12th century. In the southern part of the settlement stands the church of St. Radegunda, and in the middle of the square the church of St. The cross, which has its present appearance from the 17th century. High on the top of Pohorje are extensive peat bogs and Lovrenška lakes.


The obligatory point is Kulturni dom Jože Petruna, Gornji trg 60, 2344 Lovrenc na Pohorju (on the right in the direction of travel) (46.53696, 15.38286). From here, you have several options. You can continue straight in the direction of Rogla. In this direction, expect a macadam road, but of solid quality. However, you can turn back into the valley and continue along any path towards the finish.


Šokčev dvor, Žuniči 2, 8341 Žuniči (45.48256, 15.36048)



Šokčev dvor, Žuniči 2, 8341 Žuniči (45.48256, 15.36048)

Žuniči is a village in the Municipality of Črnomelj. In Žuniče there is a bridge over the river Kolpa with a border crossing to Croatia. At the bridge is a dam where the ruins of a mill stand. Žunič Castle stood near the village, but it was demolished in the 18th century. The settlement lies along the road Črnomelj – Dolenjci – Vinica.

Source: Wikipedija

Šokčev dvor in Žuniče is a typical farmhouse for the obkolp part of Bela krajina and is one of the protected cultural monuments in the Kolpa Landscape Park. The homestead is located at the entrance to the village along the road Vinica – Adlešiči, 20 km away from Črnomelj. It is a type of closed homestead consisting of a house, a shed and a barn. The house is connected by a wall in which there is an entrance door to the yard, thus the yard is closed on all sides. The house has been restored. There is a farmhouse in it, where visitors can see antique furniture, a cradle, old farm clothes, home linen, etc. The second room is arranged into a dining room with an old bread oven, which especially invites closed parties and visitors.