200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia

 … for gourmets…

200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia is a novelty in the Slovenian, European and world cycling area with the first implementation in 2020.

The history of road bikepacking races in the world is about ten years long, there are more of them every year, in more and more parts of the world and these trials are becoming more and more popular. The longest ones are more than 10,000 kilometers long, most of them are between 2,500 and 4,000 kilometers, so our 200 miles or 322 kilometers is really a sprint variant of a bikepacking race. One of the special features of this race is that the route is run every year elsewhere, but we want to visit lesser known areas of our Slovenia.

This test is intended primarily for all those who want to try competitive bikepacking, but have not had the opportunity so far. This is a distance that can be covered in 24 hours by any more prepared cyclist, each year the distance is different, but as a rule not longer than 350 kilometers. When you succeed, you will want more and more.

At the Bikepacking Slovenija Sports Association, we are proud to be paving the way for this in Slovenia, so we have tackled this comprehensively and gradually. We want bikepacking to become a way of life, so we’ve set pretty strict rules, we want to enforce serious ethical and moral standards, and all of that is basically no different than in the vast majority of related competitions around the world.

We want you to become a bikepacking connoisseur and be proud of yourself at the finish line when you manage the route on your own, without the help of a team to serve you front and back. Only then will you be able to say at any time that you have been able to do all this completely on your own.

Are you a gourmand too?