1000.si is no longer a novelty in the Slovenian, European and global bikepacking space.

In 2024, this will be the 4th edition, which we are very proud of.

We are glad that you are reading this Race Manual right now.

This means that you are on your way to participating in the 1000 km long Slovenian bikepacking competition.

We will be proud of every participant who shows up at the start and can handle the route in the spirit and ethics of bikepacking.

Every participant of this adventure who will be able to complete this 1000 km route in the spirit and ethics of bikepacking will be able to be proud of himself, because he will be able to complete the route by himself, without the help of a team serving him in front and behind.

Many can, few dare!

In the following, we provide some information about this unforgettable experience, which will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

  1. Organizer

Športno društvo Bikepacking Slovenija

Prvačina 119

5297 Prvačina


Bank Account: IBAN SI56 0475 1000 1548 122

BIC SWIFT: KBMASI2X, davčna št.: 41498003

  1. General information

1000.si is a bikepacking competition that takes place on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, and exceptionally also on the territory of neighboring countries.

The start and finish are in Ajdovščina, the exact location will be known before the start.

There are no intermediate checkpoints on the route.

Shortening or disregarding the route can only be done in case of force majeure, when the health or life of the participant is at risk. In such a case, it is mandatory to notify the organizer immediately.

Nevertheless, participants must stop and register at the Youth Hostel in Hodoš.

Pay attention to road traffic regulations and any sections that are prohibited for cycling.

Where there is a bicycle lane, riding on it is mandatory.

Start: June 22, 2024 at 00:01.

The finish: June 25, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.

Max. time: 80 hours.

Whoever reaches the finish within this time will receive the title “Finisher 1000.si 2024“.

Participants who arrive at the finish line after this time will be classified in a special category.

  1. Competition categories
    • Solo
  • men,
  • women
    • Pairs (each of the pair registers in their application and states the first and last name of their teammate):
  • men,
  • women
  • mixed

Riding in a pair means that the two competitors are together on the track all the time.

More about this in the “Rules” section. In case of withdrawal of one participant in a pair, the other participant can continue the competition according to the rules that apply to solo participants, but can only be a finisher at the finish line and cannot compete for a ranking.

  • Relay 4 x 250 km (regardless of composition, exchanges: Ravne na Koroškem, Hodoš, Novo mesto).

One of the special features of the 1000.si bikepacking race are the 4 x 250 km relays. Of course, this does not mean that each member of the relay team will cover exactly 250 km. Some exchanges will be shorter, some longer. The start will be in Ajdovščina, the riding direction will be counter-clockwise. Exchanges will take place in Ravne na Koroškem, in Hodoš and in Novo mesto. The exact location of the start, finish and changes will be known later. A competitor who competes in a solo competition at the same time can ride in the relay, provided that he has two GPS trackers with him at the time. Of course, in this case, he will have to make two applications. One competitor can perform several exchanges, but the relay must consist of at least two competitors.

In the event of a possible change in the route, the exchange locations may also change. Each member registers for the relay independently.

The leader of the relay is responsible for the completeness of the relay at the start.

Relay course:

The first competitor places a deposit for the GPS tracker (if one is provided) and takes over the GPS tracker, which he hands over to the next competitor during the exchange. The first competitor in the relay can also be a competitor in the solo race. The exchange takes place at a specific location. The last competitor in the relay hand over the GPS tracker to the organizer, which is a condition for the refund of the deposit.

  • The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 50.
  1. Applications are accepted exclusively at https://bikepackingslovenija.si/en/1000-si-registration/

Applications are accepted no later than June 5, 2024, or until the limit of paid competitor applications is filled.Registration is confirmed when the entry fee is paid and received on the organizer’s account.Applications will be considered in order of payment received.

The maximum number of competitors in all categories is 50.

Every competitor can apply to move to another category until June 5, 2024.

In this case, he must pay an additional amount of the entry fee if such a case occurs. If he transfers to a category with a lower entry fee, the difference will not be returned to him.

Cancellation of registration can be done exclusively via e-mail info@bikepackingslovenija.si.

  1. Ethical and moral standards

As organizers, we strive to establish high ethical and moral standards.That’s why we’ll ask you a few questions when you sign up.You will have 7 days to respond.After receiving the completed questionnaire, which refers to general questions about knowledge of the ethical and moral standards of bikepacking and the attitude towards fellow competitors, the organizer and volunteers, the organizers will review the answers and judge whether you are sufficiently familiar with the bikepacking rules and whether you meet the ethical and moral standards and yourapplication approved or rejected.The decision at this stage will be final.Payment of the entry fee will only be possible after receipt of the completed questionnaire and confirmation of the performance by the organizer.In case of payment of the entry fee, despite the organizer’s refusal to perform or before the organizer’s decision, we will consider such payment as a donation and the amount will not be returned.

Before answering the questions, we suggest that you take the time to review the website https://bikepackingslovenija.si/en/faq-2/, as you will find a lot of useful information there, and familiarization with the competition manual and rules is mandatory upon registration.

In the FAQ section, you may also get some hints for the answers.

  1. By registering, each participant agrees to the following:
  • that he understands and approves the terms of participation contained in the rules,
  • to agree to comply with all points of the rules,
  • to agree to respect and promote bikepacking ethics,
  • that he will cultivate a respectful and friendly attitude towards fellow competitors, organizers and volunteers, and resolve any possible misunderstandings in a tolerant manner,
  • that he must come to the start healthy, with adequate physical preparation,
  • that the organizer does not assume any responsibility for any health problems that may arise during the event due to a sudden event or negligence on the part of the competitor.
  1. Entry fee

Your application will be confirmed upon receipt of payment, but is valid:

  • Solo and pairs (amount per member):
  • €115 until March 31,
  • €130 until May 15,
  • €150 until June 5,
  • €170 after June 5 (at the latest June 20), but without the t-shirt and commemorative medal.
    • Relay (amount per member):
  • €55 until March 31,
  • €65 until May 15,
  • €75 until June 5,
  • €85 after June 5 (at the latest June 20), but without the t-shirt.
    • Closing applications

Is on June 5, 2024, exceptionally until June 20, 2024, but without the t-shirt and commemorative medal.

    • Payment of the entry fee

takes place at the bank account of the organizer, you will receive the invoice by e-mail.

Payment is made on:

Športno društvo Bikepacking Slovenija

Prvačina 119

5297 Prvačina


Tax number: 41498003

Bank account: IBAN SI56 0475 1000 1548 122


purpose: ”1000.si-name surname/name of the pair/name of the relay”

In case of payment for several participants at the same time, please report their names to info@bikepackingslovenija.si.

  • Refund of the entry fee

The entry fee cannot be refunded. In case of cancellation (until 5 June 2024), at the express request of the participant, half of the paid amount can be transferred to the following year, but this option can only be used once. After this date, the transfer is no longer possible. The competitor applies for the transfer of half of the entry fee to the following year exclusively via e-mail info@bikepackingslovenija.si.

  • Entry fee includes:
  • participation in the competition,
  • use of a GPS tracker (if it is not done in another way, i.e. without a device provided by the organizer),
  • time measurement,
  • pasta and an unlimited amount of soft drink at Hodoš,
  • the possibility of a shower and a short sleep on Hodoš,
  • use of basic bicycle repair tools and a bicycle press,
  • commemorative medal for finishers (just for competitors in the solo category and pairs; competitors in the solo category receive a personalized one),
  • commemorative T-shirt,
  • an unforgettable adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.
    • Entry fee doesn’t incude
  • everything that is not explicitly defined as containing the entry fee.
  1. The route 1000.si

The 1000.si 2024 route will be approximately 1,020 km long with an elevation gain of around 13,000 meters. The published route is only indicative. Due to the bad weather that hit Slovenia in August 2023, many of the roads along which the 1000.si route runs are destroyed, currently being repaired, or are at risk of landslides. For the safety of the competitors, we will announce the final route before the start in spring 2024. More detailed information about the route will be available at https://bikepackingslovenija.si/en/route-1000-si/.

  1. Equipment
    • Equipment of the competitor


  • helmet,
  • reflective vest,
  • first aid,
  • protective alu foil.
    • Equipment of the bike


  • a technically perfect bike,
  • working CORRECT front light (1 x on the balance and 1 x on the helmet) and rear light (1 x on the bike and 1 x spare in the luggage),
  • spare batteries or adequate power supply for lights, navigation and other electronic devices,
  • reflective strips on the frame, on the bicycle fork and on both heels of cycling shoes.

Before the start, there will be a technical inspection of the bike and equipment.

Participation in the competition will not be possible without a technical inspection.

  1. Gps tracking

The organizer provides each participant with a GPS tracker, for which the participant pays a deposit in the amount of €100.For the relay, this is arranged by the first competitor of the relay.GPS tracking can also be done in another way, i.e. without a device provided by the organizer.In this case, each participant must follow the instructions of the organizer and download the appropriate application to their mobile phone and use it during the competition exclusively in accordance with the previous instructions of the organizer.

In case the GPS tracking device is provided by the organizer:

  • Each participant receives his own GPS tracker, which must be placed in the appropriate place on the bike before the start.If a solo competitor also competes in a relay, in this case he has two GPS trackers.
  • After arriving to the finish, each participant must return the GPS tracker to the organizer, who will return the deposit. The same applies to the last competitor in the relay.
  • In case of withdrawal, the participant must send the GPS tracker to the organizer’s address.

The deposit will be returned after the organizer has received the GPS tracker. The same goes for the relay.

  1. Championship of Slovenia in competitive road bikepacking

As part of the 1000.si bikepacking competition, the Slovenian Championship in competitive road bikepacking will also be held. All registered 1000.si participants who have Slovenian citizenship and permanent residence in Slovenia have the right to participate in this championship. Anyone who wants to compete in this championship must mark this when registering for the 1000.si competition, as well as fulfill all other conditions for participation.

The winners in each category:

  • solo men,
  • solo women

will be awarded the title “Champion of Slovenia in competitive road bikepacking 2024“.

Prizes will only be awarded if at least three participants in each category reach the finish line.

  1. Briefing

Briefing before the competition is mandatory for all participants in the solo competition, for pairs and for the first in the relay.

  1. Prizes and ranking

No prizes are provided.

If there are, the absolute winner will be the first to choose from the pool of prizes, then the fastest man/woman, then in order of arrival at the finish line, and so on until the prize fund is exhausted.

Whoever reaches the finish line first (observing the bikepacking rules) in each category is ranked higher.

The official results will be announced after checking the suitability of each participant’s driving, expected no later than 7 days after the end of the competition.

  1. Insurance

Competitors participate in the match at their own risk.The organizer does not assume any responsibility for possible injuries to competitors, their equipment, third parties or third party belongings.Each competitor must agree to all the rules and consequences that apply to the 1000.si competition upon registration.

Personal Insurance: Each competitor must have their own accident insurance which will cover all costs of possible search, rescue and treatment and includes liability insurance.

  1. Adequate preparation

When registering, the competitor declares that he is physically fit and medically fit for the 1000.si competition.

  1. Fair play

Helping anyone is prohibited.

The exception is helping another competitor whose health or life is at risk.

Such help is mandatory!

  1. Rules, violations and penalties

Rules are a necessary evil and any violation will be punished. The amount of the penalty will be in the time increment, in some cases disqualification will also follow.

Please read the section carefully before applying https://bikepackingslovenija.si/en/rules-2/.

Follow the rules of bikepacking and be a proud bikepacker.

There will be judges and volunteers on the route, who will not be specially marked and you will not notice them.

The organizer’s decision on any penalty imposed is final.

  1. Complaints

All complaints must be submitted during the competition or within half an hour after the competitor’s arrival at the finish line in written or verbal form with a deposit of €50.Complaints regarding irregularities on the track must be accompanied by evidence (photographic material or witnesses).

The organizer will inform the violator about the complaint and make a decision.

The decision will be made as soon as possible. The organizer’s decision is final.

  1. Special provisions:
  • The competition is open to everyone, men and women, who are of legal age on the day of the competition.
  • The competition will take place in any weather.

The only exceptions are situations where the safety of the participants may be at risk (extreme storm, …). In this case, the organizer accepts a backup variant of the route or even decides to cancel it.

  • In case of cancellation of the competition, the participant has the option of refunding the entry fee in the amount of 70% of the already paid amount or transferring it to the next year.
  • In case of force majeure (e.g. Covid 19 and/or similar), the competition will be postponed or cancelled.

In this case, each participant has the option of refunding the entry fee in the amount of 70% of the already paid amount or transferring it to the next performance.

  • The route will NOT be marked.
  • In case of withdrawal, the competitor must immediately notify the organizer.
  1. Photo documentation

Each competitor waives any claim to copyright of photographic or film material before, during and/or after the event and waives any claim against the organizer and its partners for the use of his photographic or film material.

  1. Slovenian bikepacking challenge

In 2024, the Slovenian bikepacking challenge will take place in a combination of the 1000.si bikepacking competition and brevets organized by the Sports Association Bikepacking Slovenia. More detailed instructions in this regard are published on https://bikepackingslovenija.si/en/slovenian-bikepacking-challenge/.

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