1000.si is a novelty in the Slovene, European and world cycling space.

We are proud to pave the way for competitive bikepacking in Slovenia as well. After 200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia, an even longer, 1000 km long one is coming.

We are proud of all of you reading this Race Manual. This means that you have reached the first step towards participating in the premiere of the 1000 km long Slovene competitive bikepacking.

We will be proud of every participant who will appear at the start and will be able to run the route in the spirit and ethics of bikepacking.

Any participant in this adventure, who will be able to ride this 1000 km long route in the spirit and ethics of bikepacking, will be proud of himself, as he will be able to ride the route alone, without the help of the team that serves him front and back.

Below is some information about this memorable adventure.


Bikepacking Slovenia Sports Association

Prvačina 119

5297 Prvačina


Bank account: IBAN SI56 0475 1000 1548 122

BIC SWIFT: KBMASI2X, Tax No.: 41498003



  • men,
  • women.

Pairs (each of the pair registers in their application, stating the name of the teammate):

  • men,
  • female
  • mixed.

If in the event of one participant withdrawing, the other participant may continue to compete according to the rules applicable to solo participants, but may only be a finisher in the finish and cannot compete for the rank.


  • The organizer provides each participant with a GPS tracker, for which the participant places a deposit.
  • Each participant receives their GPS tracker, which they must place in the appropriate position on the bike before starting.
  • After arriving at the finish, each participant must return the gps tracker to the organizer, which returns the deposit to the participant.
  • In case of withdrawal, the gps participant must send the tracker to the organizer address. The deposit is refunded after the organizer takes over the GPS tracker.


  • Understand and approve the terms of cooperation that are in the rules,
  • agrees to abide by all points of the rules,
  • agrees to respect and promote bikepacking ethics,
  • to cultivate a friendly attitude towards fellow competitors, organizers and volunteers, and to resolve any possible misunderstandings in a tolerant manner,
  • to agree to be aware of his or her personal medical condition that the organizer assumes no responsibility for any health problems that may occur during the event due to a sudden event or negligence on the part of the competitor.


The competition is considered a Slovene bikepacking challenge together with 200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia. Read more about this challenge in a special section on the website https://bikepackingslovenija.si/slovene-bikepacking-challenge/.


1000.si is a cycling competition that takes place exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35078299.

The start and finish are in Ajdovščina, in front of the Slaščičarna Ajdovščina, Goriška cesta 11, 5270 Ajdovščina (45.88683, 13.90824).

There are no intermediate checkpoints on the route. Shortening or disregarding the route can only be in case of force majeure, when the health or life of the participant is endangered. In such a case, it is mandatory to notify the organizer immediately.

Nevertheless, participants must stop and register at Hostel Peterloug (Markovci 93, 9204 Šalovci) (46.84376, 16.22526).


24.6.2021 at 00:01.

The finish will be 27.6.2021 at 8:00.

max. time: 80 hours.

Anyone who achieves the finish in this time will receive the title ”Finisher 1000.si 2021”. Participants who arrive at the finish after this time will be classified into a specific category.


No prizes are provided.

In case they are, the absolute winner will be chosen first among the set of prizes, then the fastest man / woman, then the second man / woman / first pair and so on until the prize pool is exhausted.

The one who gets to the finish (taking into account bikepacking rules) in each category is ranked higher. The official results will be announced after a review of the suitability of each participant’s ride, presumably no later than 7 days after the end of the competition.




  • helmet,
  • reflective vest
  • first aid,
  • protection foil.



  • technically perfect bike,
  • functioning RIGHT front and rear lights,
  • spare batteries,
  • reflective straps on the frame and on all the forks of the wheel.

A technical inspection of the technical completeness of the bicycle and the mandatory equipment and participant will be 23 June 2021 at 14:00 on start at Slaščičarna Ajdovščina, Goriška cesta 11, 5270 Ajdovščina. Without a technical inspection, participation in the competition will not be possible.


The briefing will take place on 23 June 2021 at 20:00 at Slaščičarna Ajdovščina, Goriška cesta 11, 5270 Ajdovščina and is mandatory for all participants.


Contestants attend the competition at their own risk. The Organizer assumes no responsibility for injuries or damage caused to participants’ equipment. By participating in the event, the competitor agrees to all the rules and consequences applicable to the event.

Personal insurance:

Each competitor must have their own accident insurance, which will cover all search, rescue and treatment costs and includes liability insurance.


Upon registration, the participant declares that he or she is physically fit.


Helping anyone is forbidden.

The exception is to assist another competitor who is at risk of health or life. Such assistance is mandatory and will be particularly rewarding.


Rules are a necessary evil and any violation of the rules will be punished. The amount of the penalty will be in time increment and will be imposed upon arrival at the destination, in some cases followed by disqualification.

Pay particular attention to:

  • Violation of the rule of self-care (third-party assistance) and riding in a shelter will be punished with lifelong disqualification without the possibility of an appeal.
  • Use of transport during the match – lifelong disqualification.
  • Insults or threats to the organizer or volunteer – lifetime disqualification.
  • Dumping on and off the track – disqualification.
  • Avoiding helping a teammate in difficulty – disqualification.
  • Disqualification can be immediate or if irregularities are identified.

Follow bikepacking rules. Be a proud bikepacker.

There will be quite a few judges and volunteers along the route who will not be labeled, you may not even see them all.

The decision of the organizer on the sentencing is final.

Specific provisions:

  • Each participant must agree to the rules published on https://bikepackingslovenija.si/1000-si-2/. Without this consent, participation is not possible.
  • Everyone competes at their own risk.
  • The race is open to all men and women who are at least 18 years old on the day of the competition.
  • The competition will be in any weather.The only exceptions are situations where the safety of the participants may be endangered (p.ex. extreme storm).In this case, the event variant of the route or even cancellation is decided by the event organizer.In case of cancellation or competition, the participant has the option of a refund of the entry fee in the amount of 75% of the amount already paid or transfer to the next competition.
  • In case of force majeure (eg Covid 19 and / or similar) the competition will be postponed or canceled. In this case, each participant has the option of a refund of the entry fee of 75% of the amount already paid or transfer to the next competition.
  • The route will NOT be marked.
  • All participants must have the required mandatory equipment.
  • The competitor may voluntarily withdraw from the competition at any time. He must immediately notify the organizer of his withdrawing.


All complaints must be submitted between race or within half an hour after the competitor arrives at the finish line, in writing or verbally, with a deposit of € 50. Complaints must be made with supporting documents (photographic material or the witnesses).

The appeal will be decided by the organizer. The decision will be taken as soon as possible. The decision of the organizer is final.


Each contestant waives the claim for photographic copyright during the event and waives any action against the organizer and his partners for the use of his pictures.

APPLICATIONS only on https://bikepackingslovenija.si/1000-si-2/

Your application will be validated upon receipt of payment, so:

  • 95 € to 15.4.,
  • 110 € to 15.5.,
  • 125 € to 15.6.,
  • End of applications 15.6.2021,
  • payment of the entry fee to the organizer’s TRR, you will receive the invoice by e-mail,
  • no entry fee can be refunded,
  • in case of cancellation (until 15.6.2021), at the express request of the participant, half of the amount paid may be carried over to the following year.

You can make the payment by following the instructions on the website: https://bikepackingslovenija.si/1000-si-2/.

Anyone who registers and pays for 200 (bikepacking) miles around Slovenia at the same time should contact the organizer at info@bikepackingslovenija.si, a 10% discount will be taken into account.

You have to pay on

Bank account: IBAN SI56 0475 1000 1548 122


Tax No .: 41498003

purpose: ”1000-name and surname”

If you pay for multiple participants at the same time, please report their names to info@bikepackingslovenija.si.

Applications will be accepted no later than 15.6.2021 or until the limit of paid competitors’ applications has been filled. Registration is confirmed when the entry fee is paid and received on the organizer’s account. Applications will be considered in the order of payments received. The transition between the competition and the categories is possible until 15.6.2021.

The competition is limited to 100 participants in a solo competition and 50 pairs. The order of payments is followed.

Cancellation of the application can be done only by e-mail info@bikepackingslovenija.si.


  • participation in the competition,
  • use of GPS tracker and timing,
  • commemorative medal.


  • anything that is not explicitly stated to include the entry fee.


The organizers strive to establish high ethical and moral standards. Therefore, we will ask you some questions when you register. You will have 7 days to respond. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, which relates to general questions about knowledge of ethical and moral standards of bikepacking and attitudes towards competitors, the organizer and volunteers, the organizer will review the answers and confirm or reject your application. The decision at this stage will be final. The final confirmation of the application will be with the payment of the entry fee. The date you submitted your application will be taken into account.

We suggest that you take the time to answer the questions and check the website www.bikepackingslovenija.si/1000-si-2/, as you will find a lot of useful information there, and acquaintance with the competition manual and rules is mandatory upon registration. You may also get a hint for answers in the FAQ section.


ŠD Bikepacking Slovenia team



+386 41 687 069 (Andrej)